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Franz Schmitt Gemüse

FRANZ SCHMITT was a visionary – already in the year 1900. He believed that fresh parsley, crisp carrots, fine beans, aromatic tomatoes, juicy apples or peas are not only there to feed people but also to contribute to health and well-being. That’s why he started to trade with fruits and vegetables. From 1949 his daughter built up the FRANZ SCHMITT trading company and enlarged it to a fruits, vegetables and tropical fruits import/export company.

In 1970 Horst Franke took over FRANZ SCHMITT and turned it to a certified vegetable wholesale. Together with Daniel Schury, who is like a son to him, he stands for traditions and visions. For heart and mind. And therefore for an excellent quality, extraordinary variety, great loyalty, high food safety and for an open mindedness towards the latest market trends.

The FRANZ SCHMITT team is empowered by enthusiasm with the multifaceted task: to provide people with the essentials of life (this is what food still is) and to know every step – from cultivation to the sales of goods. Because we understand which parameters have an influence on prices and quantity, we make every effort to fulfil your special requirements. And we are ready to convince you with the highest quality and reliability.

We turn night into day and the unlighted central wholesale market into a blaze of lights – all of this in order to convince you with the best we have: Freshest vegetables.

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